Telegraph Hill Real Estate Information

Telegraph Hill is a small district of San Francisco. Coit Tower is the icon of the Telegraph Hill as it stood on the top of the hill. The hill owes its recent name to a semaphore. The tower on the hill is a structure constructed in September 1849 looks like a windmill, used for indicating the entire city about the type of the ships coming towards the Golden Gate. Telegraph Hill is basically a residential area, more comfortable and calmer than the adjacent North Beach with its full of life cafes and nightlife. Aside from Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill is renowned for its gardens flowing down to Levi Plaza.

The Natural beauty of this hilly area is one of the great attractions for the tourists and visitors across the states. There are so many parks, hotels, restaurants and nightlife clubs adding much to its attractions. A good transportation system has been developed to serve the residents of this small district. Now, Telegraph Hill is popular for sustaining a species of wild feral parrots which are Red-masked Parakeets from escaped or released birds. These wild Feral parrots are the hallmark of the natural beauty of Telegraph Hill.