Pacific Heights Real Estate Information

In the North of California, Pacific Heights is a prosperous district in the San Francisco. Pacific Heights is located in one of the most attractive and park-like location in and offering wonderful views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Its pleasant location provides a mild micro-climate that is clearer, but not always warmer, than many other neighborhoods in San Francisco. It is home to young citizens and some of San Francisco's richest people. The Pacific Heights Residents Association outlines the area as inside Bush Street, Union Street, Presidio Avenue and Van Ness Avenue. Pacific Heights is sited on east-west sloping edge that rises sharply from the Marina and Cow Hollow districts.

Pacific Heights is home to many educational institutes, well-known across the United States. It also features lots of attractions for the visitors and the residents such as hotels, bars, night clubs, beautiful sights and its nightlife. Most of the area's boutiques and restaurants can be easily found along Fillmore Street. A well established transport system has developed to serve the residents and the tourists. Several famous people from different professions and industries are the residents of the Pacific Heights and lots of popular Hollywood movies filmed here such as Basic Instinct, The Navigator, Heart and Soul, The Princess Diaries and The Wedding Planner.