Marina Real Estate Information

Marina District is the story of land and water continually and significantly changed by nature and by the development plans. The Marina District is located in the northern side of San Francisco, California. Today the buildings, shops, hotels and restaurants seem to be full with beautiful, young boys and girls. The singles are hopping on weekend and Saturday nights, with many fresh-faced post grads with cocktails and cell phones in their hands. Union Street is perhaps the best place in the city for window shopping in the evening.

If you're looking for variety or progressive feel, the Marina is not the place you are looking for-- unless you count Fort Mason, which have lots of cultural museums and other attractions of this kind. Overall, Marina is the popular for SUVs, chic fashion and killer spa treatments. Young people of Marina call it home or home-away-from-home and they use to say Love it or leave it.

Marina District is one of the great places in San Francisco to enjoy the night life, sunny weekend days. Marina’s Chestnut and Union streets are the best places for fun and enjoy the shopping. You won’t get bored during your entire visit in the Marina land – I bet!