San Francisco Communities

The San Francisco City and County have their existing status due to the culture and geography and generally known as The City. The north, east, and west sides of the San Francisco are covered with water. It is the rich, cultural and urban hub of the county. San Francisco is one of the most populated areas in the county as it holds around 800,000 people in only 47 square miles that earn the status of second most densely populated major city in the America after New York City.

The San Francisco Area or the Bay Area, or the Bay, is an urban region that bounds the San Pablo in Northern California. San Francisco Area includes the urban areas of San Francisco and San Jose and four other smaller, nearby urban areas. This Bay Area have several cities, towns, airports, national parks, and military bases linked by a huge network of roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and rails. San Francisco City is the financial hub of the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Area is among the richest counties in the United States. It is popular for its natural beauty, prosperity, diversity, liberal politics and new age repute. The popularity of the region is mainly because of its calm weather and its cultural and economic assortment, pooled with strong anti-growth reactions that cause high accommodation costs, particularly for ownership and for commercial property leases. Because the hills, mountains, and water create such huge geographic assortment within this region, the San Francisco Area features a large variety of microclimates. San

Francisco Area is served by lots of public transportation facilities such as three international airports, six major overlapping bus transport companies rail network and many other transport means. So, it is very easy for you to move around and inside the San Francisco Area if you are thinking to plan a visit.